The Book of Exodus is the story of Moses and the Israelites' quest for freedom. Moses lived in a world where the rich enslaved the poor.  But he chose not to accept that world.  Instead he led his people to freedom.  And on the way he discovered an inner guidance, a connection with God, and  received a new set of laws to help his people live in justice.   You are also born into a corrupt world and you will also have to decide whether you will accept it or whether you will create your own law.

First you will read a chapter from the Book of Exodus.  As a group you will make your chapter into a play to present to the rest of the class.   Then we will consider the laws of Moses and you will create your own "Teen Commandments".

When the Israelites reached the promised land, their work was not over.  They still had to make a country, choose leaders, and build a temple.  Watch this slideshow to learn the history of the kingdom of Israel: